Thursday, January 15, 2009

Single-handedly keeping the economy going

We want to. Really. We want to buy chairs at the La-Z-Boy Galleries, which are all closing and clearancing everything. Would love to "make our best offer" at the local pool, spa, and billiards store. We were itching to take advantage of IKEA's unprecedented sale (kitchen cabinets at $19.99 each?!). But we just can't do it. Why? Because we're going to Disney World!

No, really. We are. Spring Break. Well, that's the plan. There are many sub-plans, depending on the layoff situation and how well I can resist the siren call of the sales as we move toward Spring. But we had planned this over a year ago; we stuck the money away into a vacation account and haven't touched it. The first week of November, before all this auto *crap* began, we made reservations with a coworker's connections at a resort just outside WDW. Our minds and hearts committed. And after some long talking, decided we're still going to do it. We purchased airline tickets and made reservations for a rental car this evening.

Now, life being as it is, here is our list of various sub-plans.
A: Fly to Orlando, stay at resort, buy 5-day park hopper pass to WDW and have the time of our life. Breakfast in room, all other meals out. (there's a mini-kitchen).

B: Fly and stay, buy less days on a pass to WDW. Breakfast in room, other meals out.

C. Fly and stay, keep 5 days on passes, breakfast and dinner in room.

D: Fly and stay, buy less days on pass to WDW, cook our own breakfast and dinner at the resort.

E. Don't even want to go to plan E. But I have verbalized the heartache of going to Orlando and not doing WDW. I don't know how we'd explain that to Roman, though.

So far our hearts are saying plan A (the "screw the economy! We'll eat ramen noodles all summer" plan) and our heads are saying plan C (the "it's not really a vacation because I'm cooking all the time, but I'll deal with it because we're going to WDW" plan). We found a good deal on Southwest Airlines with good times (direct flight), good price on car, and we got a great discount already on the resort where we're staying thanks to my coworker. If only Disney would now offer some great rate on their park hopper passes...


Sheryl said...

It's not anyone's bday while you're there is it? Then one of you would get in free that day. Wish I could have gotten away to WDW next week!

Amy said...

No, no birthday - we thought about that, as both Doug and I are 2 weeks after, but we assume proof must be shown.