Thursday, January 01, 2009

Project 365, & happy new year!

The start of 2009! I'm kind of grumpy today, not sure if it's just that kind of day, or I'm tired, or what. We had fun with friends last night who we usually spend New Year's Eve with. We played Settlers, of course, 2 games - Doug won one, and Nicole won one.

I had a hard time staying up, in fact dozed off a couple times between 11:30 and midnight. But, we made it to watch the ball drop and welcome the new year. I was promptly in bed by 12:10am.

To start the year I am going to participate in Project 365. Basically, taking a photo a day (or more than one, and narrowing it down or collaging them) for an entire year. It's been around for awhile but in a magazine I get there was a layout template on how to showcase each week's photos so in the end, you have a completed album. So I'm intrigued to see what I end up taking pictures of.

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