Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My kids & their health

Charlie now has 4 teeth. His top 2 have broken through (at the same time, poor guy!). Thinking he's got his Mama's teeth, as they look awfully big and could definitely be buckteeth at a future date. His digestive system is struggling with his antibiotics, and someone at church recommended giving him baby probiotics to counteract the loss of bacteria. Picked some up today and he received his first dose tonight, so fingers crossed the "liquid farts" as we call them, can now not cause such a big rash. Detailed enough for you, gentle readers?

(Charlie in calmer, happier times)

We have been increasingly frustrated with lack of communication from a psychology service that we contacted (in September!) for an evaluation of Roman. Our insurance only covered a small amount of places, but even though we have called them 3 different times and talked to various people, we have never gotten an actual appointment. Doug finally did more research and found a psychologist in our town that our insurance covers. We called yesterday, and he called back today. Wow! On top of that, we have an appointment on the 31st for an initial evaluation. A lot was talked about on the phone which I find intriguing, about adoption and attachment and the like. I'll have to roll it around in my brain before I blog, though.

(Roman on Charlie's toy - "I'm goin' to Canada!" is what he whooped)

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