Saturday, January 31, 2009

The man is brilliant, and so is Roman

Today we had our first appointment with a psychologist to talk with Roman. We explained to Roman that we want to become a "less yelling family" so that's why we wanted to talk to a man who can help us. We were there almost 2 hours, and Ro did pretty well. What appeared to first be long drawn-out small talk (which on one hand, it was) was the dr's way of watching Roman play, interact with us, get bored, etc. The psych's reactions were the following:
1. Roman is ahead of development in vocabulary, communication, math, & reading. In other words, "a very bright boy." Honestly, we thought this all along but wondered if it was just because we're his parents. No, he assured me, he could be on the "advanced" end of things.
2. As a result of #1, it's possible all these issues are because Roman is bored at school.
3. We will do more observational testing for ADD/ADHD (forms for teacher and each of us to fill out) but his initial reaction is, that's probably not the problem.
4. There still is something going on. Could be some sort of brain-motor connection or disconnection that makes Roman be busy all the time, although definitely some underlying issues rooted in emotional upheaval (institution-upbringing, Mama going in the hospital and coming home with a preemie, Bekka being yanked with no explanation).

We will continue to see him and talk deeper. While the psych. talks a lot, we got to know him a bit. Impressive credentials - Dartmouth undergrad, 2 Masters, used to teach statistics, educational psychology, etc. Is a real advocate for learning disabled children as well as gifted.

In other news, we have made arrangements for super-money-saving to go into effect for February. We will remove Roman from his afternoon school-care for 3 weeks, and Charlie from daycare for 3 weeks, starting Feb. 9. Reason? Doug was handed yet another week of layoff, so he will have 2 weeks in a row in February, followed by me being on "midwinter break" the last week of February. So combined we will save almost our entire mortgage payment by having the kids out of daycare. My gosh, it makes me almost sick to know what we're paying in daycare costs.

Doug's been playing with the budget and we're still looking okay, but we do want to cut the grocery bill down a bit. We got a tip from a colleague of mine (shout out, Jeanette!) to Angel Food Ministries. I heard of it first through my own church last fall as we are trying to become a distribution center, but hadn't thought of it to use myself. Jeanette mentioned that anyone can order a box of food and can even see the menu for the month, as well as "special boxes," on their website. I think we're definitely going to order it this month. Essentially, you pay $30 for groceries that would cost $60-75 in the store. Our trick is going to be to keep eating healthy while changing what goes in our grocery cart. Inexpensive food is so fattening!


Cat Hoemke said...

Glad to hear the good news re: Roman! The guy really sounds like he knows his business. so glad you were able to connect up with him.

I've noticed though that if you spend more on healthy food, you will eat least because you will be less hungry. Junk food doesn't fill you up. Hang in there. I was thinking about you all this evening. Hoping everything was ok.

WMW said...

Very interesting about the psych (hopefully not psycho, heh). Good for you for going and I'll be interested in hearing what you learn (as much as you want to share).

I'm so glad I'm not paying daycare right now--although alarmed to think those costs might be in my future!