Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's the little things

It's the end of the semester, which makes me busier than normal. I also took advantage of Doug's being home to stay late a couple days and catch up and plan ahead at work. I have missed my routine of the computer, though, I haven't truly spent time with it in 48 hours. I think it could be bad that I missed it so much, huh? I haven't named the computer yet.

I have been wanting to crow about the fact that Roman is doing a fantastic job reading the last few weeks. He is very proud of himself, although when presented with slightly challenging words he tends to give up. If it's not a "word wall" word he gets flustered. However, he read the book "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" in its entirety to me the other night. We also have introduced "Dick & Jane" and I noticed that he concentrates so hard on the words, he's not getting the comprehension of the story. He does like to do it, though. He also has been willingly practicing his writing too, wanting to copy the titles of his book onto his own pad of paper we keep in the car. On the way to Target today he wrote out "Star Wars The Clone Wars Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt!" Awesome. He had to consult with me to make sure his b's were not d's.

Charlie's appt. for tubes is in February. I think we'll see some real progress with language then. I have to keep reminding myself, too, that he's still on "adjusted" schedule. There's not been much past the usual ba, da, ma, tongue clicking, & the occasional whispered "ha-ta." Lots of screeching and grunting, though, to make his older brother laugh. While Doug's been home this week Charlie has kept him company, and I think it's been good for both of them. A couple people have been confused by my earlier post of Doug applying for unemployment - being laid off is the same as being unemployed, and he qualifies for the payments.

I have begun grad class and am doing fine. Not too much work this time around, a research paper and presentation at the end as is typical. I also have found myself on the committee to refurbish (?) our neighborhood park. I made a call in the summer to find out why a slide had disappeared and who was in charge of replacing the broken stuff. That started a very slow snowball that avalanched this month into a public hearing, formation of a committee, and commitment of $$ by the Parks & Rec Dept. to replace or refurbish the park. Decided I better be on the committee as a voice of reason & compromise. I know many of you will laugh at that, but even Doug said "most the time" I was that way! Did I also mention I'm now chairperson of the Board of Christian Ed. at church, too? Because I don't have enough going on, you know.

So, while I can keep all that stuff juggled, I'm missing out on personal & organizational time, so I hope to get to some of that tomorrow. We (well, Doug) hauled all the boxes out of our storage unit and all that's left is furniture... ack... and we've gone through every box that came in the house and purged 2 loads. Sometimes wish I was a stay-at-home mom to post everything on Ebay or Craigslist or something, but we'll get our $$ back in taxes next year.

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