Friday, January 09, 2009

He may be able to hear, but...

Charlie is on the brink of yet another ear infection. I took him in this afternoon as the followup from the 4th round of antibiotics. We knew he was clear because we had audiology testing last week at Beaumont and they said his ears were free of fluid and top of that, his hearing was above-normal (he heard more tones than they expected) for a baby his age. Perfect.

So I took him in and Dr. noted his crusty nose right away. Well, I reported, we returned to daycare and we figured he just had the "daycare disease." But, true, his appetite was decreased yesterday and today. And he still claws at his left ear every once in awhile, but figured that was being tired. Well.

Right ear "bloodshot" and left ear got an "oh, shoot." It was red with a bit of fluid. She said if it was a normal case, she'd tell us to wait a few days to see what happens. Being that we just finished with a marathon antibiotic treatment, she gave us 2 things - more antibiotics & a referral to an ENT. He's a good candidate for tubes, since it's only been 2 weeks since he finished antibiotics and within days of returning to a group situation, he started developing another. So our 5th dance with antibiotics begins. Get the diapers ready, for his innards will be torn up once again.

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Sheryl said...

Our team lead's daughter has been going thru the same thing! They too, thought it was daycare stuff, but I think she's a couple weeks younger than charlie and they are on round 3/4? of meds as well.
Give him a hug from kzoo!