Sunday, January 11, 2009

First of the one-year anniversaries (& Star Wars)

Today around 4am is the one year anniversary of the harrowing journey I like to call, "get that baby out of my body before it kills me - wait - no, leave him in!" It was a year ago today that I entered bedrest at Beaumont Hospital and life spun out of control. So. A year ago I was on magnesium drip and a fetal monitor; today I went to church, shopped at Kroger, and cooked breaded chicken for dinner. A year ago I laid in a hospital bed listening to Charlie's heartbeat on a monitor for hours; today I played "Noah's Ark" with him and sang "Wheels on the Bus." All in all, certainly glad to be in 2009.

Yesterday was a day of ultimate thrills. I had been doing research for a field trip for school on Friday when I saw that Henry Ford Museum was doing a Star Wars-themed day to celebrate the last day of their "Out of This World" costume exhibit. We immediately changed plans around so we could get there - even a winter storm dumping 5 inches on us couldn't stop us from getting there! And the following pictures will show why.

Above: Roman and "Obi Qui-Et"

Below: The family with Darth Vader (Charlie patting him on the shoulder)

Above: Roman and Boba Fett

Below: Roman and R2-D2

The family with a Scout trooper, below.

There are lots of other pictures - many poses, many characters, lots of us holding their "training weapons." Roman absolutely believes the stormtroopers were real, visiting from a galaxy far, far away. And there is nothing like being able to provide your child with the day of his dreams. Roman pronounced it "the best day EVER!"


A^O said...

Bobba Fet! Umm I can't spell it but I know how he rates in the world of Roman VE!! I think that you need to get some of this pics blown up and framed in his room since they go with the theme and everything! I must ask...was there any moments on Saturday when the force needed to be replenished?

WMW said...

This is so awesome. I totally would have changed plans to get Aaron there! :)