Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday past, reality present

So the birthday party happened, 2/3rds of it anyway. Doug's parents and my brother & family made it, but my parents were still suffering from lake-effect snow and had to turn back. And then I, shocker of shockers, didn't charge my battery and only got a couple shots of the birthday in action! But here are two cute ones.

Can you believe the look of anticipation on Charlie's face in that first one?! He was too funny, he picked off and licked all the frosting first, and then mashed up and ate the cupcake. Pretty cautious too; I mean, he did end up with frosting all over, but it was nothing like his brother's of 5 years before where we had to bathe him for all the chocolate frosting in his hair.
But today back to "almost" normal. I decided not to attend meetings at work and stayed home to ease Doug into his new job as "house frau," aka unemployed dad. And for the history books, this is what a man looks like when he's filing for unemployment online.

He didn't even make himself look grumpier for the picture. That's what he looked like. Anyway, when that emotionally painful 10 minutes was over we continued to clean out the "back end" of our house, the laundry and workroom. We're getting rid of the storage unit and hauling all that stuff back here (save money!), but it means some pretty serious purging. We have the Vets coming tomorrow morning for pickup #1 and I expect another will be needed for the end of the week.
Lastly, Charlie had an appt. with an ENT today and it's looking like we'll go ahead with tubes in his ears. The dr. said their rule of thumb for the surgery is 6 ear infections in a year OR 3 months of fluid in the ears. Charlie is just on the edge of the 3-month rule, and dr. explained that if it was spring or summer he'd advise us to "wait and see." But since it's January, many more colds to come, and his daycare situation, we could decide. We've decided to do it and stop the poor guy's suffering. It was nice because they could tell it is a fluid buildup and not just teething; his throat has drainage as well. I've been waiting for something to be wrong with Charlie, and this could be partially his preemie-ness and partially genetic - while his ears probably weren't developed enough when he was born, we also know that Doug's brother had many ear infections (and tubes, I believe) when he was young.
Roman? Doing totally fine. Can't wait to go back to school and his own life, enough of this Charlie-attention! We borrowed a couple movies from our good friends as we haven't refreshed our collection in quite awhile, and he has been watching "Madagascar" religiously.

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Cat Hoemke said...

Happy birthday charlie! So sorry to hear about the unemployment. Hope it is over quickly.