Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where to begin?!

Well, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus has come and gone once again, and I'm still sorting and organizing the pictures. Took less this year, whether I meant to or not, and I'm okay with that. This year I truly enjoyed the visiting I did with loved ones, so here are photos of the people I spent the last week with.
#1 Well... Darth Vader counts, I think. We saw Star Wars costumes at Henry Ford Museum on Christmas Eve. And you can bet Roman was over the moon.

#2 My cute kids on Christmas Day. In their new jammies and silly head gear.

#3 Cousins (and assorted aunts, uncles, and grandparents) on Doug's side of the family! They live out of town and we hadn't seen these cousins since April.

#4 Cousins (along with grandparents & aunt & uncle) on Amy's side! We hadn't seen them since October, even though they live just a couple hours away. E. wasn't thrilled with his picture taken, though.

#5 More out-of-town goodness comes to visit! Friends Cat & Paul were in the area with their 9-month-old, Sam, so we met at the Kalamazoo Science Museum (so Roman would have something to do) and spent a couple hours catching up.

Cat & I met in first grade, and what an amazing coincidence that we both got pregnant within a couple weeks of each other. Charlie was originally due end of March and their son due beginning of April... although both were born early, Sam arriving mid-March to the surprise of his parents!

In the plans for the rest of the week are New Year's Eve with our friends Paul & Nicole and their son, a trip back to Beaumont Hospital for Charlie's hearing check (and a stop at the NICU), and one more day of merry-making with my dad's side of the family. Whew!

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