Sunday, December 14, 2008

One week countdown

There's one more week of school until break. What a very different point in life than this time last year, and last year I tried to imagine what life would be like today. Last year: 6 months pregnant, body swollen out of shape, feeling the baby kick, but dealing with Rebekka and her family to make arrangements over the holidays was at the forefront. We were preparing for 5 days on the road to visit family and sorting and wrapping presents. This year: an absolutely adorable 11-month-old baby, I'm down 25 pounds from my just-pregnant weight, we have no idea where Rebekka is, and we're preparing for our very first Christmas here at home (and sorting and wrapping presents).

Trying to get the kids healthy, too. Charlie seems to have recovered from ear infection #2 and just has a lingering juicy cough. Roman keeps developing a low-grade temp. every couple days and is very exhausted. A couple people have mentioned mono or strep throat, my guess being strep. Doug tried to look in his throat but Ro's tonsils/adenoids are huge. Guessing I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow!

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