Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas, one day late

A quick post, as I'm meant to be playing Legos or Jedi or something with Roman. Both boys slept until 7am Christmas morning, for which we thanked our lucky stars. The whole celebration took about an hour between stockings and gifts. Then Doug made blueberry pancakes but Ro was so excited to play he barely ate one. Charlie, too, was really thrilled with Santa's gift of a ride-on-and-push toy and also spent lots of time putting animals in and out of Noah's Ark. Photos are still on the camera, so I'll post those later. Santa brought me socks in my stocking, which I really wanted. Doug got a book & movie, and of course Santa brought us all our favorite candy; Skittles for Ro, KitKats for me, and Reese's Pieces for Doug.

I can post pictures of Christmas Eve, where the boys each opened one present - and got special Christmas jammies to wear!

Fire trucks for Roman, and fleece decorated with penguins, moose, and polar bears for Charlie.

Roman took this portrait of us before we went to church.

And our house on Christmas Eve. Doug was so pleased to put up lights this year!

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