Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad news revealed

So a couple posts ago, I mentioned how I was feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. There was more to that, of course, and now I can finally mention it. In the scheme of things this isn't as bad as many people are dealing with, but Doug got the news last Tuesday that he will be laid off. For him it's only 2 weeks, but it's the beginning of a much larger problem that we believe will continue to happen.

His company is a supplier, of course. They work with all "Big 3" but very little with foreign makers. While sales were down in December, the sales are down a LOT in January. Big 3 have put everything on hold, of course, with the bailout being up in the air and not sure if GM/Chrysler can make it until a new Congress can come in. So the manufacturing arm is actually down 5 weeks, but Doug, because he works with new designs, only has to be off 2. He was even allowed to select the 2 weeks, isn't that nice? Everyone has to take one for the team - including the owners, who pledged not to draw a salary for the month of January.

Of course, we fully expect this to happen again in March, as any emergency plan President Bush can put into place will end then. If no long-term agreement is reached, Doug will most likely be out of a job. So that has been cause for lots of thinking, planning, double-thinking, mental juggling, proposing scenarios, and worst-case options.

So... big sigh. Belts will be pretty tight from here on out until... well, just until. As I said, at least we're not facing what many others are having to endure, but it still stinks.


WMW said...

That does stink. I hope Congress can get their heads out of their...

Cat Hoemke said...

yikes. We'll be praying that this is just a *blip*. It's never easy when things go up in the air.