Friday, December 19, 2008

All about Doug

Doug doesn't usually want me blogging about him. In general, he doesn't think the world needs to know, or cares, what he's up to. Sometimes though I get blogs practically written in my head, and such is the case today - so I asked permission to write about him. And with a heaving sigh, he said, "I guess if you feel it's necessary." He then gave me a guideline of how he'd like me to phrase things. Funny guy.

President Bush has announced a loan with strings, so Doug's job is generally safe until the end of March. That really helps with a decision I was faced with, which was a possible interview & transfer to another middle school that is looking to hire for a full-time position in January. I'll stay put now, thank you, and play Russian roulette with Doug's job. He's got his resume out in the world again, second time this year. Last spring we got fed up with living in this area and realized that long-term we want to be on the "west side." Doug applied many places and even interviewed at a couple, coming very close to an offer in Kalamazoo (but they dissolved the position because sales were down). The funny thing about when his resume goes out online is that headhunters call. And in Spring, he said he wanted to stay in Michigan, and yet they were calling from out East, the Carolinas, Alabama - all places really wanting to hire.

Now that we've been reevaluating options, we've got two things on our minds. We still want to end up on the "west side" but we also need to consider making the jump out of the automotive industry. And that may mean a move out of the state. Something we've never talked seriously about before. So he's marked along with his resume that he would be willing to relocate to Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and a couple other places I really can't remember. And wouldn't you know it - he got a call from a headhunter for Texas. Normally we would laugh at this, except his words were magical to Doug - "I see that you have a degree in chemical engineering and a lot of experience in program management."

Many times Doug has expressed frustration that he stayed in mechanical engineering too long, when his first and true love is chemical. And how it's been too long, and he'd never be able to get back into chemical engineering. And now this call. We assume oil, and wouldn't that be a field to get into! A little more job-secure. However, Texas is definitely not on our list of "if we could live anywhere...". But the idea of Doug using his chemE degree plus his second love of program management, well, I suspect he just may chat with that headhunter a little bit more. I doubt there will be real interest on Doug's part - Texas has no snow, after all - but it's a little heartening to know that people may still be interested in him. Now the question is, are we willing to jump the USS Michigan for unknown waters?

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