Monday, December 01, 2008

3 reasons to celebrate

Now you'd think I was talking about my wonderful boys, wouldn't you? But no, this one's all about ME. The drama with my coworkers has been solved to my satisfaction with no union involvement (whew!). Also, I finished and sent off my last paper for this semester's grad class tonight. Done until January 7! I can free up that section of my mind for a little while, and maybe remember important things... like calling that mom for a playdate this week which I totally forgot to do tonight (after telling her I would...). And doing some serious cyber-shopping for Christmas, and maybe even get a scrapbook page or four done... And lastly, one of the swim coaches stopped by school today to say hi and confirm that I am "on board" for this season and start laying out plans for getting our paperwork & signup together. Whoopee!

Pictures later. I'm going to have a cookie, and then going to bed. Some celebration, eh?

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