Monday, November 17, 2008

A whole week?!

I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged. Impossible. Yet, there's the evidence in the dateline. A quick update since I should be in bed but instead am surfin' the 'Net:

Roman went back to the dentist today for 3 fillings, hopefully his last for awhile. He will return in March for a cleaning. He was not the brave yellow-belt we had hoped for (screamed through the whole procedure) but no more problems in his mouth.

Charlie also went back to the doctor today as he's still pulling on his left ear and pretty grumpy overall. Dr. said it's hard to tell what's going on with him - his ears are still fluid-filled and dull, but he also has congestion from a regular cold & his teeth are ready to pop through "any day." Because we've just finished a 10-day course and he's still not acting like himself, we are starting another 10 day course of Augmentin this time. This house is like antibiotic central. One of us is either on medication (or going to the dentist) every week.

Doug got me a new planner/calendar because things are starting to happen for January that we have to prep for (days we need coverage for Roman for days off, yearly dr. appt. checks for Charlie at the ped. and eye doctor). It was so beautiful to open to the month and see blank squares. No appointments yet, no dates circled, nothing highlighted... just a beautiful, blank page. It didn't last long... I had 3 things to write in there. Boo.

I went on a weekend crop this past weekend. Got about 30 pages done the old-fashioned way (paper) from 2003. That marked the official completion of years 1997-2003. Amazing. I still have lots of gaps in our "with kids" photos, but it's nice to have something accomplished. I also got 2 small projects done, a "Russian Treasures" acrylic album & a tongue-in-cheek "what I did on my summer vacation" flipper. I'll take pictures and post them. Someday.

Am looking forward to the weekend already, and it's only Monday. While I love weekends away, I get back and can barely prepare for the week ahead. I have grad class stuff to finish (one final paper that is weighing on my mind) and Doug and I have to figure out when to do some heavy-duty Christmas shopping. We're talking about taking a day off together while the kids are at school to spend the day together doing it. What a great hubby I have - usually I am the one doing all the work!

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