Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drama, always drama...

After a trip to the university where I'm doing graduate studies tomorrow, I will have more to update. Suffice it to say I am still not considered an active student there, but they approved my request for an independent study - which I've done all the work for except one paper. There's a laptop goin' traveling with me this weekend. And it's been recommended I apply for graduation as soon as possible, even though - that's right - I'm not an active student. Hmm. Honestly, I think the entire Education department and Graduate Studies department will stand up and cheer if I ever make it across the stage to receive my degree.

Drama at my work, too, unexpectedly. I became the unwitting pawn in an argument between 2 other colleagues when one referred to "the younger teachers" and the other decided to corner me specifically (as a younger teacher) and subtley threaten me. The matter has been turned over to my principal, but I don't think this is the end of it. I foresee at least one meeting about it and probably a visit from the union rep. Grrr.

Even more drama. Can you handle any more, gentle readers? All I'll say is the cops in the city where I work are meanies and jerks. Poopyheads.

Roman has developed a new little habit - he can't make a decision without "eeny meeny miney moe." Everything - from who is putting him to bed, to which book to read, to which yogurt he wants... comes down to Eeny Meeny. He ends it by saying "dirty dish, dirty dish..." ad nauseum until he finally decides who is "it." It was funny for three days. Now it's funny but then gets slightly annoying.

Charlie is a chowhound now. He eats #3 jars but also enjoys cottage cheese, cheese of any type really, graham crackers, Wheatable crackers, tavern cheese soup, hot dogs, yogurt, canned carrots, diced apples, cereal bars, and microwaveable mac & cheese. We typically give him finger food mixed with food we spoon-feed him. Still gets 3 bottles a day but as he's chewing very well on lumpy things, should probably at least substitute that mid-afternoon bottle with a food snack. He takes a bottle after lunch as that's when most new food is being introduced (at daycare) and we never know how much he'll eat of a given thing. Doesn't like ravioli, we discovered today. The green vegetable issue is alive and well - won't even eat our versions. He also takes a bottle about a half-hour after dinner, and that's the last one we'll give up - fill the tummy up and it's a nice relaxer right before bed.

He took water from a sippy cup the other day but he won't hold it himself - in fact, won't hold his bottle either. Need to give him time to figure it out, I suppose. He's 10 months physically but supposedly 8 months developmentally... however, we've noticed he's really making gains and in general is not delayed 2 months anymore. Dr. also cleared him today of his ear infection - after we started the second round & he got some horrible diarrhea, we stopped it. Dr. agreed that we can just leave it since he got 5 days' worth of the 2nd dose.

Tomorrow Roman and I get the tree and ornaments from storage and at least get that up. We both have the day off from school so it'll be something fun we can do together.

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