Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Doctors, dentists, & karate

Charlie has been sick with a cough and stuffy nose that just isn't going away. Took him in this afternoon to the ped. and the pronouncement made me feel so bad for him - double ear infection. Poor guy! No wonder he's been in such a bad mood the past few days. So amoxicillin for 10 days. Poor thing wakes up coughing up a storm and is spitting up mucus at all times of the day. And instead of grabbing his ears, he's been rubbing the back of his head so it hadn't even occurred to us.

Roman goes to the dentist tomorrow for another round of cavity fills. I haven't written much about this but it struck me when I was conversing with another adoptive parent the other day, I should probably mention it. Ro's teeth are in terrible condition - filled with cavities, and one was so infected he had to have it pulled. We were feeling bad (and responsible) that things had deteriorated so quickly, when the dentist pointed out his history - we have no idea of the prenatal care or even what he got to eat at the baby home. In talking with others, one parent told me her daughter from China has had to have 6 pulpectomies (that's root canals on baby teeth) because her teeth were so horrible. I have heard stories of sugar-water being given in some South American areas instead of formula. Either way, we've got to keep a close eye on his mouth.

On the good side, Roman tests for his yellow belt on Saturday afternoon. In talking with the Master and his wife (I don't know how to spell her title) they agreed that skill-wise he knows what he's doing, just gets the Left an Right mixed up and has a hard time concentrating. Well, duh, that's been pretty obvious. They're used to it, though, so they encouraged us to have him test. So pretty much he'll be passed, but he doesn't know it and that makes it fun.

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