Sunday, November 09, 2008

Charlie: a man of action & grumpiness

Charlie is just moving along with his development like nobody's business. We introduced actual solid foods this weekend, trying beans, pasta, chicken, ground beef, & homemade french fries. The only thing that went over well was the french fries. Everything else was about a two-bite maximum and the chicken he actually spit out. Partly he had trouble because he fists the food and then can't maneuver it into his mouth and gets frustrated.

He wants to crawl all over, and he's beginning to navigate the steps in our living room. He can go from carpet up to wood floor, but more trouble with wood floor up to carpet (too slippery). I pulled out a lot of "older" toys that were Roman's and cleaned them up. Charlie took to them immediately, proving he's no longer an infant. In fact, as evidenced in the video above, he can grab a ball and shove it into the toy pretty darn well.

This weekend Charlie got to know his grandparents again, as it had been awhile since he had spent any time with them. He loves his Baba even more than Grandpa, which is neat to see. He tracked them all over the house and favored them with a lot of smiles. He also became very vocal this weekend, babbling quite a bit. He's still getting over his infection, and actually was worse today (Sunday) - could not be consoled. The nose started dripping and I think his throat is still sore... he spent the day on a 2-hour cycle, taking 30 min. to 1 hour naps every 2 hours. Poor guy. I suspect a long night is ahead.

Ahead in the week for Charlie: nothing different but hopefully getting healthier!

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