Monday, November 24, 2008

Cars, a tooth, & historical Roman

So much doesn't seem to happen, and then - I think of about 5 different things to blog about. I sat down Saturday to compose a blog about the auto companies, and then Mitch Albom pretty much spoke my mind in his column on Sunday. Take a few minutes and go read it. On a personal note, if GM goes bankrupt Doug's job is still okay and the loss can be covered. If all three file... obviously. We're up a creek. Of course the Big 3 have made mistakes, and I really don't think they deserve a handout. However, so so so so so many suppliers will go out of business because when bankruptcy is filed, the $$ owed to them is immediately negotiable. And suppliers are way down on the "pay our outstanding bills" list. And my other thought is, you can argue all you want about how they're making gas-guzzlers but seriously, folks - it's called supply and demand. And demand went down fast based on gas prices and loan issues, too fast for the car companies to retool - it takes 2-4 years to get an auto from conception to build. So, yeah. A handout - no. But some help to safety-net about 3 million jobs nationwide? Sure. I think I'm beginning to be glad about the election of a Democratic president.

Charlie's first tooth has appeared! This also happened Saturday. Bottom left, cute little thing. On Sunday Roman and I went out to Henry Ford Museum to do a little gift shopping. We popped into the museum (our membership is the awesomest thing ever!) for about an hour to hit the highlights - Allegheny locomotive, the 1940s diner, toys in the Decades area. When I told him it was time to leave, he started to whine a lot. He then tried one of the best arguments I've heard yet. He knows his Mama pretty well...
"I want to go into Greenfield Village!"
No, Roman, another day.
"But I like President Lincoln! I like the Wright Brothers!"
You do, huh?
"Yeah, I do! They are cool old-time people! And I can only learn about them at Greenfield Village!"

Sweet. A book was loaned to me today by our librarian that was a "choose your own adventure" but it was a history series. The one I brought home was about Pearl Harbor. By simplifying some of the words as I read (and leaving whole sections out), Roman got completely wrapped up in it. He loved making a choice every couple pages, and it had actual photographs too. He embraces make-believe in this fashion in an unbelievable way, talking like he was actually there. For example, pointed to a photo of the USS Arizona & said, "that's the ship I was on. Isn't it good I opened the hatch and got out?" He did that with the Titanic exhibit too. It's clear how to teach him in the future, huh? The other thing I noted - every time there was a choice between saving people or doing something else, he always chose to help people. We're doing something right!

I'm making my Christmas cards this year, but they're digital. I printed off 2 versions tonight and I think just a few minor changes before I can send them off to be printed. Cool. I've never tried this before and even the idea of the layout is a little different.

Otherwise? Hanging in there. Doing "the triangle" this weekend, visiting first Doug's parents and then my parents for the weekend. I love Thanksgiving, it's the one holiday besides 4th of July I feel everyone can celebrate equally. I don't feel weird talking about it at school or mentioning it at the store.

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