Sunday, November 09, 2008

About Roman

A fantastic weekend - so good, there's too many pictures and videos to load up at one time. So first I'll talk about Roman... he tested for his yellow belt on Saturday and passed. Daddy took him and was awesome with the camera - got shots and videos of many aspects. Above is Roman doing high blocks and low blocks. Doug said they also were led through a 20-step form that Roman did really well on. Next Saturday is the ceremony where he will be presented with his yellow belt. Hooray!

My parents were visiting this weekend and Grandpa took Ro out to lunch to McDonald's for some "just the two of them" time. Roman was thrilled. It also worked out that for most of the day, the 2 brothers got time apart - and that wasn't all bad. Ro wanted movie night on Saturday and we all watched part of "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets." He's getting into HP now, which is okay by us. There are a couple scenes here and there that he is scared to watch, but we're glad he's branching out from Star Wars.

Today he played with neighbor Evan. I hear interesting things from Ro - they are at the stage where they are role-playing, having played "house" a few times and each is willing to take on the "mommy" role. Funny boys. But they also play Army or spies too, and we actually heard Roman state "I don't want to play Star Wars, I'm getting bored with that." Whoa.

This week for Roman: we have a conference with his teacher on Thursday evening. Ro has 3 days of "cool lunches" because it's otherwise half-days, so his after school care is doing special things.

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