Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nothing new, just the usual

We've reached that blessed time of year where nothing exciting is happening. Thank goodness. School is rolling along for everyone, no major holidays, a few doctors' appointments, but that's it. And really, there's nothing much to report anywhere. I will anyway, though - an update about nothing to update.

Roman: Preliminary report from the consultant showed Roman on task just 30% of the time, *with* teacher redirection. So when left to his own devices, Roman can't even do what he's supposed to 30% of the time. We're still waiting for the full report but we were told they won't formally test him (due to young age); I'm going to demand that they do anyway. We're also trying to find a place that our insurance will cover that will test him as well. A lot of places "treat" but won't actually test. Otherwise he's loving kindergarten. He has a couple friends we hear about a lot, he loves gym & library, and wants to start walking home by himself. With the weather turning colder, I'll probably let him!

Charlie: When placed on his tummy, he commando-crawls backward. Poor guy. Then he screams a lot, because he's pretty frustrated. When I placed him in his crib to play while I sorted his clothes yesterday, he grabbed the rails and actually tried to pull himself up. Wow! He has grown into 12-month sizes, 18-month in some cases. T-shirts don't fit over his belly, we have to wear onesies all the time. I think I'm going to videotape him screaming before a meal one of these days to show that he actually does get in a bad mood. He absolutely LOVES his big brother, tracking him around the house and laughing everytime they make eye contact. It's absolutely hilarious.

Doug & me: Weight loss plateaued for awhile with both of us. Doug appears to have lost again this week (3 more pounds down!), but I have remained the same. I'm not disappointed by this as I'm still pleased at how much I've lost (25 pounds!). I think exercise now needs to take a bigger role (I've mentioned that before, right?) but it's just trying to find the time for it. Doug is thrilled to fit back into shirts that were in storage for awhile and hadn't fit even before that.

My grad class work needs to pick up. I did 2 assignments this weekend, which leaves 3 more small ones and one big paper to write. Will try to get the 3 done this week/weekend, leaving the paper research for the rest of October and the writing in November. I want to finish before Thanksgiving, but conferences and various other things will start soaking up my time soon.

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