Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whew! I'm recovering.

Just can't party like a rock star as much as I used to. Oh, I tried, believe me. But I think the fact that my baby is just starting to sleep through the night and I'm still short sleep (and will be for the next 20 or so years) takes its toll. Bachelorette party was fun, though, and it was great to hang out with my old friends in the city I love... Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo! And the mayor partied with us, too. What a cool city.

Anyway, I'm back to my "normal" life and I do like it that way. I was so happy to see my boys this morning, gaze upon my husband, & chill out at home. I had a great afternoon yesterday with my mom and grandma too. Because of the wedding I have to cut short our appearance at my grandma's birthday party, so I wanted to spend the afternoon with her to make it up. We three did lunch, a quick shop at the mall, a movie ("Mamma Mia!" for the 2nd time), and oh yeah... spent 40 min. in lockdown at the retirement home because of the tornadoes. Yuppers, 2 of them, one just a swirl but the other did touch down just east of Kzoo.

Doug handled the 27 hours without me very well. I even got a cute picture sent to my phone that the 3 boys took after dinner. And speaking of dinner...

I know I mentioned awhile ago my brilliance in planning out our meals. After completing a month of it, I can tell you it's awesome. Just once a week I come down to the 'puter, decide which meals go on which day of the calendar, and print it out. Print out the accompanying grocery list, add a few things, and done. Here's an example of the coming week's menu:
Monday: sweet & sour chicken jambalaya, rice, & beans (7 points)
Tuesday: baked beef ziti, salad (6.5 points)
Wedn: salmon steaks, baked potato, mixed veggies (pts TBD)
Thurs: Chicken w/basil & honey, crescent rolls, broccoli (approx. 7-8 points, depending on ounces of chicken eaten)
Fri: Crockpot pizza, corn (1 cup=5pts)

It's nice because in weeks where I'm working late, or we have karate, I can adjust for an "easy" meal or a crockpot meal, so we're not running around trying to cook dinner & get out the door. The only trouble I've had is minor problems with the grocery list (forgetting to put every ingredient on it) and then not being able to fix that particular meal. But that's what cereal & pb&j are for! The other beautiful thing about this is we have leftovers for our lunches every day. Saving on that, too!

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WMW said...

Okay, I need some meal ideas because our evenings are getting so time-crunched in the next few weeks. Crock pot is sounding good! So can you talk to me about crockpot pizza? And sweet & sour chicken jambalaya? (My man is no chicken fan but I am.)