Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roman is smart as the dickens!

You can tell what he's learning in school lately based on the following conversations...

"Daddy, do you know what another name for a diamond is?"
What, honey?
"A rhombus!"

"Mommy, look, I cut a triangle!"
That's great, Ro!
"I will cut out a trapezoid next."

And here's proof of his strategical planning skills:
"Mommy, you have 2 of your (lowfat) yogurts left. I am going to eat my blueberry now, and my strawberry tomorrow. So when you run out of yours in 2 days, you won't eat my yogurt, because I will have already eaten the ones you like."

Can you believe that?! Doug laughed so hard, and Roman was so pleased with himself. I was a little shocked at his very detailed reasoning...and pretty shocked that he knew how much of his yogurt I snuck!

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pmfh said...


You know what they say: Amateurs talk about strategy, but professionals look at logistics... :D