Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The phone call we were dreading. Well, one of them.

I guess Morgan Freeman (I truly believe God looks like him) had me stay home for a reason today. I received a phone call from Roman's kindergarten teacher. And let's just cut to the chase - she's concerned about his apparent immaturity (one of the more immature in class, she says, and was surprised to see he had a June birthday), and she is suspecting an attention issue. We agreed to have a teacher-consultant observe Ro in class. I know I blogged a few months ago about suspecting some ADD in Roman (I can't find it in my archives, though) and the more research I did today, the more I'm pretty sure of it. ADHD, specifically.

When looking at the generalities, Roman exhibits everything under "Hyperactivity" and "Impulsivity." Hyperactivity: Individuals who are hyperactive may appear to be in constant motion, perpetually “on the go.” They have difficulty sitting still and may squirm or fidget. They often feel restless, may talk excessively, and display disruptive behaviors.

Impulsivity: Individuals who are impulsive often “act before thinking.” They may interrupt others, blurt out responses, and have difficulty waiting their turn.

Now of course, lots of 5-year-olds display these from time to time. Roman does all the above, almost ALL the time. We thought his behavior was just irritating. But considering he doesn't/can't correct it, and all the above has also been seen at school, it definitely has us wondering. We'll see what the consultant says... at least we can rule it "in" or "out" and go from there.

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