Saturday, September 06, 2008

One crazy week down...

I do know how many more weeks of school are left until mid-June, but only because my principal mentioned it in an email. 38. Not so bad, right? This first week back was great, hectic, crazy, work-intensive, & fun. It's been great to see Roman, especially, get to know names of new friends & get used to his kindergarten routine. Friday he began the afternoon "latchkey" program and as I had heard, he didn't want to come home. He was upset that I arrived right when "the people" (dolls) were going to go camping. He hadn't figured out where they were going to go, but they had a tent in the car & were just setting off. Isn't that awesome?! When I walked in the room he & another little boy were crouched in front of the dollhouse. I found it pretty humorous, until he explained that the people were leaving the house. Of course. :)

My classes are going to be fun & challenging. 2 out of the 3 classes have a large majority of boys, which makes management a little more necessary. I have one child who already we are thinking of bringing up for LD concerns (learning disability). They have him listed as ELL (English-Language Learner) but that's not possible, as his 4 older siblings never had this problem - and they were all born in America. The kid doesn't have a brain-filter, either; everything that pops into his head comes out of his mouth - loudly. And yes, he is obnoxious, but you can tell it's more than just him wanting to be center of attention. And as always, I suspect there are a lot more stories hidden amongst the kids in my classroom that will come out eventually.

The craziest part of the week was trying to gather everything for each day. Lunches to pack, papers for Roman and Charlie, stuff for latchkey, my teaching stuff, etc... and I'm trying to figure out how I can fit exercising into this new routine. Whew!

Roman update: He has finished Tiny Tigers karate & must be tested before he can move up to the "big kids" class. We have to call and schedule that for next week. He has "great days" at kindergarten, per his report. He misses playing with Evan, and he was exhausted Friday night. At recess he plays Star Wars with Andrew, Maya, Tommy, another girl, & a couple other boys. Every book that his teacher reads to the class, he has decided he wants a copy of.

Charlie update: Forget the bottle! Gimme the food, woman! Essentially, that's what we're getting from him. He is in stage 2 foods and will be for a little while as he gags at anything more textured. He will eat between 4-6oz of food at a sitting, occasionally washing it down with 4-6oz of formula. He has slept through until 6:00am a couple nights now, but still favors a 4:30am squawk. He sits up unsupported now, and last night actually got into the crawling position in bed, but I don't think he knew what to do. I have also spotted the eruption of a little white tooth, bottom front-right. That would certainly explain his extra facial fluids (eyes & mouth) the last couple days.

Amy & Doug: Doug has lost another 4 pounds. He finally decided, after losing close to 35 lbs total now, it was time for new pants. He cleaned out his closet of too-big shirts & pants and went on a mini-wardrobe updating excursion to Kohl's this morning. He has finally, FINALLY moved away from pleat-front pants and is wearing flat fronts. Woohoo! Way to update yourself, honey. :)
I, on the other hand, have struggled the past couple weeks. I overate a little, plus changing to "forced eating times" has adjusted what & when I can eat. I plateaued a week, and then gained a week. However, it seems I am back on track now, so fingers crossed I can keep going down some more.

Wow. That's it. Should cover the next couple days, at least.

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