Monday, September 15, 2008

My happiness

I still have to Photoshop Doug's arm out of the way, but isn't this wonderful? I took it at the end of August, and came across it this evening while picking a couple pictures to go in the "Brothers" scrapbook. This one's a keeper.


Cat Hoemke said...

They look so happy. Brothers are a very good thing.

huckleberry128 said...

I love seeing pictures of the boys. Having watched Roman grow up and now not being able to see him, it is nice to see the pictures. Teddy is now into Thomas the Train and I need to thank Roman for teaching me all of the engine's names - I don't have to try and learn them for Ted! We got him the starter wooden track and a couple of engines for his birthday. I can't believe he will already be one on Monday. Man the time sure does fly.