Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little pitchers have big ears

Roman & I were playing lightsabers this evening, and I was Darth Vader. We tease-threaten, quoting lines from the movies & such, when Roman said - "You're the Soviet." I just about fell over from shock. He then said,
"Isn't that what you call it?"
Call what, sweetie?
"The bad guys... Soviets?"
Oh man. I'm not quite sure where he picked it up - perhaps the news, perhaps Doug and I talking. So we had to take a break from the lightsabers so I could explain the following:
"Russia had a leader who turned them into "bad guys" for awhile (eyes went wide!), and they were called Soviets. But then they had a leader when Mama & Daddy were young who said, "we're not going to be the bad guys anymore." And they stopped being Soviets and became Russians again. And that's when you were born, honey - when the Russians were the good guys again."
Satisfied with this, we continued our battle. Of course later in bed, while looking at our WWII picture book (yes, it's true!) he pointed to Stalin and said, "He's a bad guy Russian. Why is he sitting with Churchill?" Now, this should point out many things: 1. The complications of foreign policy, 2. I probably have taught my child a little too much about WWII because he can identify Winston Churchill in a photograph, and 3. My child is brilliant.


WMW said...

Hmm, can I identify Churchill? He is way brilliant!

Cat Hoemke said...

I'm a bit...wow...what a crazy conversation. Glad he's got the finer points on WWII, most kids don't. Way to field that question though.

pmfh said...

I'm pretty sure #2 is a self-contradicting statement: "too much"? Bah! :D