Thursday, September 04, 2008

Going to school, part 2

While Roman was very excited to start school, the pictures show a little anxiety underneath the surface...

He picked out his outfit, had his Clone Wars backpack on, and both Mama & Daddy (and of course, Charlie!) walked him to school. Roman was confident enough to not have us stand in line with him, so we stood a little way off. Of course, my insides were twisted with butterflies (nervous for him!) and tears (my baby boy!). And then out came his teacher to lead the class into their very first day of kindergarten.

Roman's report after his half-day (which was an hour and 15 min) was that he wanted to go home, he wanted to stay & play, and his teacher is nice. "All we did was play," he told me. And that's how it's supposed to be.

Today he was much more confident and looking forward to going. It's the full 3 hours, so he got to bring a snack in his (what else?) Clone Wars lunch bag. And the teacher asked that they all bring a stuffed animal to share the day with, so he took his Webkinz dog which used to be called "Mud," then "Darth Vader," and now for some strange reason, his name is "Weppy." But as he walked through the doors for his second day, my insides still did a twist. My little boy, a kindergartener.

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