Monday, September 22, 2008

Festivities are done for now.

I was just thinking as I typed that title - I sure wish I had a book of good poetry. I have some sonnets, but they had a feature on NPR the other day that the Library of Congress is recording poets reading their own poems, and I liked quite a few. I could have some pithy titles of my blogs, then, too. I am sick. I also received antibiotics today. I don't feel good at all. So the diet is out the window now. Have you noticed I've been typing that too often lately? I am holding steady, "maintaining" as it were. Three of the four of us went to the doctor today; Roman is just starting his sinus problems, Charlie has the start of an ear infection, and I'm in full-blown sinus infection mode. Again. Every Fall. So the boys also have scripts but doc asked that we wait a few days to see if they get better on their own.

Had a great weekend. My Grandma turned 90, with a big party attended by lots & lots of relatives, including a few I don't see very often. Very cool. Also had family portraits taken in various combinations. Fun!
After the candles were blown out, Doug and I ditched the kids (with my parents) and went off to a friend's wedding reception. We were sad to have missed the ceremony, but at least we got to party with them in celebration.

Luckily my sinus blast held off until Sunday afternoon. Charlie is really cute, eating his toes in earnest now. I caught him happy as a clam on the changing table the other day. He loves being "nakey" as the Rugrats say - easier to grab his feet that way.

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