Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All right, I'm wading in.

I'm going to say it. Here's the trouble: George Stephanopoulos told me in an interview how to choose a candidate to vote for. "Pick the top 3-4 issues that concern you most. Figure out how you feel about them. Then vote for the candidate that most closely aligns with your beliefs." Now that pretty much settles things. As one of my coworkers said, "I can't decide who to vote for - the person I like, or the party that I agree with."

And that's where I have been. While McCain is just fine, I like the idea of Obama. I like his youth, his "change" theme, how he has gotten the young'uns interested in politics again. We needed someone to spark passion, & McCain doesn't spark passion in me.

But I'm a Republican at heart. I drive down the middle most days, and I even cross the line into the left every few issues. And I'm apparently one of these people. It's not a fluke, people - I'm a white moderate Republican woman who was thinking of voting Democrat, until Sarah Palin was selected as the VP.

I'm also one of those who can listen & respect others' opposing views, perhaps because of my job - having to teach politics & current events without letting the kids know which way you lean allows one to argue both points of view. And I don't ever try to convince other people to see things my way. I believe what I believe, and you can vote your way, and we'll see who wins. And frankly, I think either candidate will be better than our current administration, which I will call... stale. But that Sarah Palin... wow. I love hearing her speeches. She speaks very well, connects with crowds.
I don't care about her pregnant daughter, her son with Down syndrome. She's just as inexperienced as Obama, so that's a moot point to me as well. I just like her. Combine that with my love for a free-market economy & my beliefs on health care & the military/Iraq, & you've got a woman who will be voting Republican this November. Just don't tell my students yet.


WMW said...

All I can say is did George tell you that before or after he wasted debate time on FLAG PINS?! Oh the irony.

You are smart and know what you believe, so I can respect that. Nonetheless I hope your guy loses b/c I really need access to health care for preexisting conditions! :) (Please take this in the lighthearted spirit in which it is intended.)


Amy said...

I absolutely do take it in a lighthearted manner! And I missed George's debate on flag pins. Although you know, it's VERY important that one displays their patriotism, rather than act on it. :)