Saturday, August 02, 2008

There is no better feeling (greetings from Frankenmuth!)

I am an emotional girl (surprise!). I experience every emotion with my whole being; sometimes a little too much, you know. Sensitive, would be the word for it. And I've had great highs, and low lows, and feel that to this point I've had quite a few "happiest days of my life!" Until today.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than the mixed feeling of joy, pride, & amazement as you watch your child accomplish something they've been struggling with. I have been on Cloud 10 (true love is Cloud 9, right?) since about 7:15 this evening. Roman. The boy who will be the cause of the rest of my gray hair, can now be called a swimmer.

He doggy paddles.
He jumps in, about 3.5 feet of water. By himself.
He pushes off from the wall, face in the water.
He goes underwater. On purpose. And comes up grinning.

As I finally pulled him out of the pool at 8:00pm, he was playing with a new friend. They were diving from the shallow-steps to see who could go the farthest in the water. And then Roman would yell "timber!" and collapse sideways into the water, going under with a big splash. Come up with his yellow goggles fogged up and the BIGGEST smile. And Doug and I were bursting, just BURSTING with pride.

There is no greater feeling than watching Roman succeed.

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