Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stroke of brilliance, or needing a therapist?

I love the magazine Family Fun, when I have the time to read it. I sometimes wish my kids were older (or liked crafts more) so I could indulge in a lot of their things. I'm still wanting to make their excavator cake. Anyway, I read awhile back about a woman who made a monthly calendar of dinner meals, and corresponding grocery lists for each week. So all she had to do was print off the grocery list, add the incidentals, and done! Well, Doug and I see the chaos that could be our life with school looming, and we've decided... to make a monthly calendar of meals. Is this a stroke of brilliance, or do I need a therapist for too high a need for organization?

We took time today to list all our favorite "quick & easy" or "slow-cooker" meals. We came up with 28 of them! Throw in a couple leftover or frozen dinner meals, and we have our month. I'm going to match each main dish up with veggies & carbs, Point it all out for Weight Watchers, and my life will have gotten 20x easier. I spend, in my opinion, an inordinate amount of time planning meals, checking our pantry, & making grocery lists. It'll be a lot of work up front, but it should save oodles of time during the week. I'm pretty excited.

In other news, we were able to catch up with our Atlanta siblings as they were in GR this weekend. They finally got to meet Charlie & catch up with Roman. Awesome.

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WMW said...

I am actually trying to do more meal planning too--at least for the week--it helps with shopping planning and budgets too. I think I need your list of 28 meals though! I get in such a rut.

PS: Loved the previous post's video!