Monday, August 25, 2008

Sick, tired, & it's only Monday!

Roman is sick. He crawled into our bed around 5:30am with a fever, his body was so hot. Whenever the liquid Tylenol wears off, up pops his temp again. He's very emotional and not very hungry either, which is a definite sign of things not being right. He's at his Grandma & Papa's tonight and we hope he gets a good night's sleep and feels much better in the morning.

Doug and I are tired. These darn kids of ours have us up almost constantly throughout the night. It's to the point that I felt physically ill myself today, lightheaded and just not firing on all cylinders. I grabbed a 15-minute catnap and felt a little better. Charlie is getting better about his wakings; last night was 1:30am but I soothed him right back to sleep; 5am was much more demanding and he got a bottle, then slept until 8am. We don't mind 5am bottles; if he would just sleep straight through until then!

In the great food experiment, we've moved up to Stage 2 food which is a little creamier & has "mixes" of food. Charlie is a huge fan of Banana mixes. And he flat out doesn't like green vegetables. He gags on them, both peas and "mixed veggies." Loves everything else. We had slight trouble on an apple-blueberry mix but it was a new taste for him, so we'll try again. He will be in daycare for 3 days straight while I return to work-meetings this week, so we'll see how his feedings at daycare go.

The only other newsworthy thing is that Doug is going to lead Adult Sunday School at our church. As he put it, the Holy Spirit moved me to volunteer him at a Bd. of Christian Ed. meeting last week. He's intrigued by the possibilities but a little time-cramped... they want to start in 3 weeks. That's not much planning time, but he's got some books already and I've encouraged him to pop over to the "religion store" (Family Christian) to check out their resources. We do attend the most awesomest church on this side of the state, in my opinion.

I have deep thoughts rattling in my brain about church, religion, daycare, and embarking on one of those "turning point" paths tomorrow, but I am awfully tired. So it will just have to wait.

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