Friday, August 29, 2008

Me & my PSE

I love PhotoShop Elements. I have been playing around with it this evening, tagging photos & importing older ones from 2005. I figured out how to call up photos in the "organizer" by tag, and then import them over to the "scrapbook" area. I'm pretty thrilled with that. There are some pictures that I can't remember what folders I've put them in; and some pictures are under a general heading, such as "Food," that are in multiple folders. Now I don't have to write it all down. And that's very exciting.

I also discovered I don't have a real adorable photo of the 2 boys together that I would frame for school, so I played a bit with cropping & pasting my own 3.5 x 5 photo together. And then I printed it out on my HP Photosmart printer. No big deal, but I think the pictures are the epitomy of cuteness. So now I'm officially ready for school.

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