Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"How can you be tired? You haven't worked in 7 months!"

The title is what Doug proclaimed when I actually fell asleep at the table after dinner. My response - exactly. I haven't worked in 7 months, of course I'm tired! Today was emotionally exhausting. It was an unofficial, official "back to work" day - seeing kids as they came to collect their schedules, talking with coworkers, catching up from the summer. It's a different "on the go" than as a SAHM, and it truly wiped me out.

Plus, ol' Charlie spent his first afternoon in daycare. It was absolutely one of the hardest days of my life. It was harder than with Roman, for a couple reasons. Ro was older - 15 months - and plus Ro was used to spending time with many kids in the baby home... it made my guilt a little easier to think he was returning to an environment he was comfortable with. I kept seeing Charlie's big grinning face in my mind all afternoon, and I did have a good quick cry after I walked out the door. He did fine, of course, taking 2 big bottles & 2 one-hour naps. He was quite tired tonight, too. Maybe daycare will finally convince him to sleep through the night!

In an attempt to pack in a whole lot of exciting things in our last few days together, we have Chuck E. Cheese & a swim at Nelson's tomorrow; Thursday is just Ro & I in the afternoon and we're going (surprise) swimming at the Rec Center; but Friday is prep for a church group we're hosting at our house that evening. Yes, that does sound odd, me hosting a church group. Turns out, church people are my kind of people. We have a great group of couples in our "Gen-X" range and when we get together we all end up laughing for hours. We haven't had a gathering since May, so I'm looking forward to it.

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Cat Hoemke said...

Stay strong. Is all I can say. :) I'm glad it went so well. Tobo is pretty tired too any day where we see more than 5 people in a group. I relish those days for the extra sleep!

Hope school goes well and you get your grove back.