Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food, glorious food!

Weight Watchers really makes you obsess *more* over food since you have to count points and pay attention to every little thing that goes in your mouth. I am taking 3 days off from counting points. Today was Roman's and my afternoon together and I wanted to snack right along with him and not say "hmm, Nutri-Grain bar or Twinkies?" I wanted the Twinkies, darn it! (actually I had a Suzy-Q).
Tomorrow is our Gen-X meeting of church people, and everyone is bringing a dish of their favorite childhood food. Again, who wants to worry about points when I expect mac & cheese, PB&J, and we're doing s'mores for dessert?
Saturday brings a family picnic on my Dad's side: pool party & cookout. I am bringing something very low in points, but if I want a hot dog and a piece of butterscotch pie, darnit, I'm having it. And then I will return to my regularly scheduled weight loss on Sunday.

Speaking of, I made my 10% weight loss goal today. I will probably re-make it in a couple weeks as I expect to gain a little this weekend. However, I am thrilled! I bought a pair of pants for work last week that is 4 sizes... FOUR... less than what I was wearing at my heaviest. Awesome.

Charlie's food obsession is growing too. He plows right through two 2.5-oz containers of food per meal, and then takes 4-6oz of formula on top of it. We are definitely going to step up the food (lumpier, stage 2) as things seem to have finally "clicked" in his brain. I thickened his sweet potatoes this morning with rice cereal and he was not a big fan; but I think his mouth/tongue got tired with the extra gathering-swallowing he had to do.

I leave you with an adorable recent photo - during a family game of Go Fish, Roman and Charlie started playing with each other; Roman would tease Charlie with his fingers, and then Charlie would reach out and grab them when Ro wasn't paying attention and try to put them in his mouth. I captured great expressions on their faces in this one!

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pmfh said...

Awesome to see those boys laughing together. :D