Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Charlie is growing up. *sniff*

Now, to post about my other boy. Every day we see a personality bloom from our little one. He loves interacting (constantly, please!) with others, and his toys. He watches Roman like a hawk, and you can tell his little mind is thinking "just wait until I can do that!"

We have confirmed bananas as good, sweet potatoes as pretty good, & next up will be peas. His spoon-feedings are still pretty hit & miss; he will take half a container sometimes with barely any on his chin; and then the next try he'll razz it all out and try to gum the spoon. He consistently will only take about 4oz of formula with feeding. We have found the best approach is to give about 3-4oz of a bottle, then do the spoon, then let him take a little more formula if he wants.

I had to put the bumper in the crib last week. I had put Charlie in for an attempt at nap (more on that in a minute), and his screaming really began to ramp up. I went in to find he had wiggled all the way into the corner of the crib and was bashing his head into the slats every time he kicked his legs. Poor baby! I also went in one early-morning scream to discover he had rolled from back to tummy, but his arms were stuck under his torso. Silly boy.

Sleeping is still pretty interesting. He will fall asleep practically anywhere -swing, bouncy chair, Bumbo, on Doug's shoulder; but the minute we attempt to lay him *gasp* flat in his crib, his eyes pop open and he cannot be tempted back to sleep. He still takes about 3 naps a day; one early morning (about an hour), one midday (sometimes an hour, sometimes 3), and usually a catnap in the evening. He falls unquestionably asleep at 8:30pm.

He also is still waking at 3am, but we've cut him down to 2oz with formula & he falls right back to sleep. Tonight we're attempting an oz or 2 of water. After that, I think it's just the pacifier and we'll help soothe; then, hopefully, only a night or two of figuring out how to soothe himself. We give him a bottle around 10 or 10:30 at night (in his sleep, honestly he never even opens his eyes) and it appears to be helping him get through.

I had the worst moment today. I stopped in to daycare to drop off the registration paperwork. I told them his first day wouldn't be for a couple weeks yet, Tuesday the 18th. The woman laughed. "That's next week, you know." S***!!! is what my brain thought. I had no idea I only had a week before my little cocoon is torn open. Tears immediately welled up and when I told Doug, his response was "Oh, great. You'll be emotional for the next month now." Yup.

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A^O said...

I completely understand your disbelief that it's that time of year again! Just remember in those hard times of leaving the boys in the morning how much you really yearned for all that adult contact during those winter months :-)