Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another suitcase in another hall...

Our suitcases are put away for the summer. The next time I will need one is Sept. 13, and then again Sept. 20, and then... hopefully a blissful reprieve. At least until the scrapbooking weekend in November. This trip to the "west side" was just as enjoyable as ever, but the 3-hour drive there & back again gets a little weary. The trip home today was made worse by the fact we had to stop no less than four times. We made it to the 2-hour mark, and then all heck broke less.

Roman had to potty (stop #1). As we drove back to the highway we noticed a backup and decided to drop farther south and take Business-94 and avoid the construction for the next 12 miles. Charlie began to scream, and we decided he needed a bottle (stop #2). He refused to take said bottle. We began to drive again, making it through Jackson-town & back to the highway, when Charlie began to scream again. Executive decision made to switch drivers, Doug got in the back to feed Charlie while I drove (stop #3). We make it within 20 min. of home, and Roman has to go to the bathroom again (stop #4). At this point, Doug and I are punch-tired and laughing at everything, including Roman's continued use of the word "crap." (Where's my crap? I wonder where the rest of the crap is? Let me look down here for some more crap.) I know we shouldn't have encouraged him, but he was so darn funny.

We finally made the 3-hour trip in a little more than 4 hours. But the 2 older boys tromped off to see The Clone Wars at the theater, and Charlie downed half a container of sweet potatoes and 3/4 of a container of peas. And 2 oz. of formula. I'd say he's ready for solids.

We met my brother & his family at the Berrien County Youth Fair, and a good time was had by all. My mom was quite a trooper for having a sore knee, commandeering the stroller as a walking aide.

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