Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo additions

Now that I have half-a-laptop (long story, but the monitor is dead & now it's a "portable desktop" as Doug calls it), I have access to pictures again. Thought I'd share some recent photos of our life. By scrapbook category, of course!

CELEBRATIONS: Kristen is getting married in September, & my best girl buddies helped her celebrate! Obviously Kristen in the middle; Nicole & Sheryl on the left; Angela on the floor (don't ask!); & me on the right.

PEOPLE WE LOVE: Got to see my childhood friend and her baby "tobo," born in mid-March (like Charlie was supposed to!). Friends since 1st grade, and due dates within a week of each other. Isn't that something?

EVERYDAY LIFE: Charlie was moved up to a "big baby" tub. And the only caption I can think here is, "uh, Mama? What're you doing down there?!"

Everyday Life, continued: This was taken just a day or two ago. Roman is quite willing to interact with Charlie now, even playing (for very short bursts) and showing him toys. I captured this when I was supposed to be in the kitchen, but was peeking at my boys!

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