Friday, July 18, 2008

On a mini-vacay!

Thursday was a crazy day. The Early On worker came at 8am. They decided to open a file on Charlie, but all that means is she'll check in with him at 6 months. We set some goals, such as "Charlie will be crawling" and "Charlie will be using his pincer grasp" when she returns again in January. That reminded me I have to call the ophthalmologist for Charlie's followup in January as well. It's up to the ped. if she wants Charlie to have PT, and we'll ask next week.

Mid-morning Doug came home for an extended lunch, so I could go to Shay's funeral. He took Roman & Charlie to Roman's swim class, and I experienced a 2-hanky funeral. Saw some of my closer coworkers there, though. About 5 people got up to say something, including one of his former students, & one of my coworkers. It was a nice sendoff.

I then flew over to the pool to relieve Daddy & stayed to swim with Ro & Charlie about an hour. Charlie just locked up when I first got him in the pool, but he loosened up and appeared to enjoy it after about 5 minutes. Ro couldn't stop jumping in - not going under, but making big splashes.

Got home in time to finish packing for our mini-vacation. We have been invited to our friends' family cottage in Newaygo! It's on Sylvan Lake & they have fun toys like a speedboat & pontoon boat, as well as a big "diving" raft & nice shallow area where the boys can play (they have a 2-year-old). Roman kept insisting that he was NOT going to go in the lake, but it only took him about 30 min. looking out at the boats going by and he asked me if I had remembered his suit. I've taken pictures & a video already, will post sometime tomorrow. So far we've sat by the water while the boys splashed around, watched the boys play in the sandbox, and currently I'm on the computer while Doug naps with Charlie in his arms. Roman is out running around kicking a soccer ball (really!) while Paul shucks corn for dinner. Mmmm. I love weekends.

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