Thursday, July 24, 2008

My life beyond kids

I do have one, you know. It's hard to find lots of days. Currently I am slowly uploading 49 digital scrapbook pages to be printed. I did them all between January & now, isn't that cool? I was never this productive in paper-scrapping. It's like a mini-Christmas, getting the big box of layouts. Because on the computer, they're only 8x8 & I print 12x12. There's a learning curve, certainly, because what looks right on the screen sometimes looks goofy when blown to 12x12 size. I use PhotoShop Elements, and there's definitely a learning curve to that as well. I don't use the fancy stuff with photos yet, don't alter them too much. I prefer to have my pages look more like paper-pages.

I completed a project using pictures from the local fair. I think the original idea of the album was Disney, but I tried to use the more generic embellishments. I like how it turned out. The inside is envelopes, with tabs on sheets of paper/pictures to pull them out & view them.

I also am close to completing one of the wall hangings I purchased at the convention. I only had one photo that would work (upper left corner), and when I hung it on the wall to admire, a few hours later the heavier canvas embellishments fell off. Twice. So I have to decide whether SuperGlue is in my future, or whether to convert the canvas pieces to paper instead.

As summer begins its downhill slide, I begin to panic regarding my hobby. I feel like I'm barely getting organized and getting great ideas for pages - now that school will be starting, grad school starting, & the general busy-ness of life returns, it will be shoved to the side. I honestly could scrap every day and feel like I did something useful.

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scattrgirl said...

I love that small album with the pockets. Those are so fun!
Nice work:)