Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love you too much to argue.

Wow. What a powerful statement. And it has worked wonders the past couple days. I'm sure Roman is just trying to figure out how to combat this new form of non-engagement, but until then we're enjoying a lot more peace in our house. Well, Doug and I are. Roman gets madder & madder when we say it, which means we're probably doing something right. An assuring call with Doug's brother, who has a child the same age & one older, led us to feel a lot better that we're not alone. In fact, Roman was so mad Sunday night at bedtime because Doug left the room, he stood at the door shouting all kinds of things like "no, you don't love me!" After heappeared worn out (and we kept repeating "I love you too much to argue"), he finally yelled "FINE! I'll go lay down on my BED!" Exactly. Doug and I just grinned at each other. Score!

Ro started VBS this week at our church, with the focus on obedience, compassion, kindness, etc. He went tearing through his Bible this morning trying to find the story of Abraham & Sarah, which they learned about yesterday. He got a little bookmark to mark the story, and very proudly took his Bible with him today to show his teacher. Deep down he wants to please, & we have to keep remembering that.

We discovered last night in Operation: No More 3am, that we have to change our tactic. Charlie definitely needs the calories at 3am, based on the carrying on he was doing at 5:45 this morning. We were cutting back the amount of formula, just 6oz water with just 2 scoops of formula. And he was starving. So we're going back to getting him up at 10 or 10:30pm and shoving some more ounces down his gullet to see if he can make it to at least 5am.

In weight loss, Doug proudly reported Monday that he is 1lb. away from his 10% loss. I am unofficially 5-6 lbs away from my own 10%. I don't know about Doug, but I have begun getting comments such as "you're looking good!" Especially at church, where we hadn't been in weeks. So clearly it's beginning to show, which is nice. The boys & I are off to a coworker's pool this afternoon. Beautiful warm day, some grown-up talk... should be nice.

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