Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A fair, a shower, & a PT referral

Whew! Wow, the days get busy in the summer. Roman has been playing with our neighbor Evan every afternoon. Which is great! We had been wanting a friend in the neighborhood for so long. They even have their battles, and then an hour later are upset that it's time to go home. They play awesome together. It makes me wonder how long this summer would have been if we hadn't found a friend!

This past Saturday we celebrated our town's birthday with a fair. It's free to get in, but boy did it cost us for rides! Roman is the perfect age for going on most of the kiddie rides, and Daddy and I even got in a ride apiece. Charlie spent time in a new stroller (well, our Jeep one from Roman's days) and did very well in it. It was cooler than his carseat-stroller, and it reclines almost all the way down for good naps!

Sunday I traveled to Kalamazoo to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of my friend Kristen. There were close to 25 people there and it was a good time!

Today we had the referral for Charlie from Early On. The official word: he is not developmentally delayed at all. In fact, for a preemie he is ahead in some areas, & a little behind in others. She reminded me again that he is a PREEMIE no matter what new tricks he can do, and we have to stick to his adjusted age for most developmental expectations. However, she did agree that he has some rigidity (tone) in his legs & a little bit in his arms, and said if our pediatrician is still concerned, we should go ahead & get a referral for PT. She is going to check back for another visit in a couple weeks, and we have a ped. appt. the week after that. So we'll see what happens after we talk to them all again.

She did talk to me regarding my feeding concerns with Charlie - in a nutshell, do we have to wait for solids until he's 6 months adjusted (end of September)? Basically, yes. His GI system is the equivalent of a 3 month old's, and his swallowing abilities are the same (so we've noticed). So as frustrating as it is, we will be on bottle-time for many more months. Doug and I have noticed that the rice cereal doesn't hold him anymore; he's back to his 3:30/4am wakeups. He falls deeply asleep usually around 9 or 9:30, wakes for his 3:30am, and then sleeps until 7am or 8am. It wouldn't be bad if we didn't have Roman doing his 6:00am wakeup as well.

However, my boys are both cute as the dickens and I'm enjoying my days, for the most part. And that's all one can ask for.


Nicole Kragt said...

Did you try switching from rice cereal to oatmeal in the bottle? The rice didn't do much for Perrin but the Oatmeal did wonders!

Amy said...

We tried oatmeal once and he refused to drink. We should probably try it again...