Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everybody was kung fu fighting

Roman went to his first karate class Wednesday night. It's a great place, very family-oriented. Doug was really pleased with how it went. Roman wants to keep going so he has been signed up for 7 weeks. He also got a brand-new uniform and was officially dubbed a white belt.

When he got home he couldn't wait to show off his new moves. Ready stance, horse stance, punching, and then some of the exercises - the crab, the frog, pushups, & jumping jacks (in which he is totally uncoordinated) -he showed me them all.

I include the above picture because it shows an actual authentic smile, which he doesn't usually do for the camera. Anyway, the best part of the night was while Roman was showing off his punching moves on our Superman bopper. Charlie was in the swing watching, and Daddy was calling out "left! right!" When Roman landed an especially hard punch and then did a pratfall, Charlie began to laugh! Roman began punching Superman again, and Charlie had big belly laughs bubbling to the surface! We couldn't figure out if it was the noise of the punches, or Roman's spinning & pratfalls that was making him laugh, but Charlie was just in fits! It's the first time he has shown a laugh-reaction from something completely external; often we can get him to laugh with zrrbrrts or making sounds while we look at him. But this was wholly laughing at what someone else was doing. And it was such a pleasurable sound to hear!

Quickly, in weight update, Doug is down a total of 17 pounds now, and I'm down a total of 13. Even lost weight with our "slipup" over the holiday weekend! I have weight-trained one day in the basement, returned to the Rec Center again today, and will go back tomorrow and try my hand at swimming laps. It's been a couple years since I've swum more than a 50, so I'll have to take it nice and slow.

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