Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doctor & Dentist

Charlie’s ped. appointment went well, except for the usual Roman interruptions that happen anytime someone starts talking about Charlie. Even after I say, “now that the dr. is in the room, you have to sit quietly and play with the MagnaDoodle. Do not talk to me unless I talk to you first.” Five minutes later, while we’re discussing feeding… pulling on my leg, “I have to ask you something important” blah blah blah. He wants a mint. A d*** mint! Grrr.

However, Charlie. He is 18 lbs, 10.5oz, and has grown 2 inches in 2 months. Dr. has decided to hold off on PT as his legs appear somewhat better; she was not concerned about his arms since he does bring them to midline & also reaches out for toys. For the legs, we will encourage “Indian style” when he’s sitting on the floor. We also talked about feeding, & she’s thinking he might be playing us with the ol’ 3am-4am wakeup. If his last decent bottle is around 7:30 or 8pm, she said he should be able to hold himself 9-11 hours. She told us to start dropping the amount of formula in the 3am bottle; over the next few nights, have more water.

If he is still waking up at 3am wanting the water (meaning wanting a “full” feeling rather than calories), then we know he’s up to tricks and we have to decide how to handle it (crying it out, soothing and leaving, etc). Of course, we’re all geared up to start this routine & he doesn’t take much at his 7:30pm feeding tonight. Rough day, though, so we’ll let it pass. He had 4 shots plus an oral vaccination.

The rest of us all went to the dentist this afternoon. Picked a new one, as Doug hadn’t been in a few years, I was wanting a change, and we had to, HAD TO take Roman as we hadn’t taken him yet. A disaster. Roman was pretty good until they accidentally gagged him taking the x-rays. He fell apart when the chair went backward… he did all right for the hygienist, but when the dentist came in to “count his teeth” again, he began sobbing hysterically. They referred us to a pediatric dentist for his “extreme anxiety.” That’s what it says on the referral.

For Daddy, he’s the winner of a return visit to fix a broken filling; Mama is the winner of a return visit for a new crown! We both also have old silver fillings that are beginning to show wear (and decay underneath, from the metal contracting/expanding for 20 years or more) and dentist will fill us in more on that later. My other dentist had mentioned the silver fillings problem as well, so I knew a “fix” was coming.

So a busy day, and emotional for Roman. Tomorrow we’re taking it easy, visiting Meijer, and just hanging out at home.


Lori L said...

Which pediatric dentist are you going to? We go to one near you for the girls and have had some good experiences with him...

Amy said...

We were referred to Dr. Carron, the one Jane B. used for her kids. She's in Haggerty/Grand River area.

Lori L said...

I've heard good things about her--hope it goes well!

A^O said...

Hey girls! We need to get together one day in the next week or two (or both!). Jeanne mentioned having a hang out day at the funeral last week, and Patrick and I were talking about having a pool party at Nelson's one day with the kids (not that we mentioned it to him though...lol) Let me know :-)