Sunday, July 27, 2008

Compared to this, the "terrible two" was paradise.

One has to be very careful when listening to a 5-year-old. If my self-esteem was based on my child, I would be in the gutter. Such uplifting phrases as "Daddy, I love you more than Mommy" and "Mommy, you make the worst grilled cheese sandwiches" are heard with greater frequency the longer Roman & I spend together. One morning recently when he awoke to my smiling face after I was thinking loving thoughts about him, he immediately spat out, "I want Daddy!" I felt like crying. I had to remind myself that I'm the grownup and my self-worth is not linked to my children. Ever.

Roman does appear to be recovering from the trauma of springtime when his world was turned upside down. He also appears to be getting ready for school, as evidenced by an increasing attitude, giving "lip," and refusing to follow our directions because he knows everything. Doug and I can't decide which is worse - not following directions/refusing to listen, or the constant arguments. Today was the worst. I hauled him out of church twice in the first 10 minutes because of his obstinance (refusing to sit, screwing around during hymn, & throwing his book on the floor when I gave it to him). Just one of the many examples I could share.

We have returned to Love & Logic to give us a boost. The phrase "I love you too much to argue" is going to be heard a lot around our house, probably combined with a lot of time in his room on Roman's part. For so many reasons, I can't wait for school to start.

Charlie has begun to use more vocal cords. A high-pitched short shriek has begun to emerge. It's not a distressed sound; when I went tearing into the next room to check on him the other day when I heard it, I found him smiling & shrieking. So between shrieking Charlie & disobeying Roman, it's been an interesting couple days.

One really neat thing that occurred, though, is that Charlie thoroughly missed his big brother. Roman went to visit Doug's parents for a couple days & the first day he was gone, Charlie was all out of sorts. Couldn't be consoled, I had to constantly move him around & keep him engaged. It finally occurred to me, when I said "big brother?" and his eyes lit up, that he missed watching Roman. When we reunited Friday evening, Charlie couldn't take his eyes off him. Really neat.

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