Wednesday, July 16, 2008

back to school?!

When I was in Meijer last week, almost all their summer items were cleared out. A couple patio sets, some lonely lawn chairs... and that was it. And then I realized why... they were putting up the banners for BACK TO SCHOOL! Already. Now, I get very excited when I realize it's time to start perusing the office supply store again. But usually that's in August. I mean, July? Although Doug's comment was, "I'm surprised it wasn't Halloween stuff." Heh.

Charlie has a followup with the Early On person tomorrow. Basically to relay her formal report and tell us if they're going to open a file on him or not. If they do, it'll be to do check-ins every few months. I have noticed his tone has gotten better in his legs, and worse in his arms. He just doesn't want to raise them, especially over his head, and when I put them straight up he gets very grumpy with me. However, he is reaching out to play with overhead toys now. It's really fun to see. His grip is strong but he doesn't hold toys very long. I introduced a bead-chew-toy the other day and he likes it a lot, but when he can't get it to his mouth, he loses interest. He mouths everything. We have his 6-month ped. appointment next Tuesday and I'll be interested to see if she wants him to have PT or not.

Yes, that's Roman with his head under the water! WOOHOO! It took him 3 days, but he does it now. He doesn't like to go under a lot, but he will do it a few times during his class. He is very scared in the water. He's had 2 meltdowns in the middle of class; one because they were going to jump in the deep end, and one because they were going to kick on their backs without the teacher's support (but a floatie in their hands). His comment about jumping: "I will sink and drown." His comment about floating on his back: "I will go under and not get back up." He clearly has a fear of drowning that I don't know how to soothe. On the other hand, he loves playing in the water. I tried to tell him today that all these lessons will help him NOT to go under and stay under. I don't think I helped.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a babysitter for the afternoon, originally from 1-5pm but she stayed later so we could go to the visitation for Shay without kids. I spent 2 hours at our storage unit going through my school supplies (boxed since I went on a cart in 2004). I threw out probably 2.5 boxes of papers, bulletin board stuff, etc., and combined the rest into 5 boxes. I did have 8. Two are historical novels, 2 are research books or room decor that I may use again someday, and 1 is my Econ. class materials in case I ever teach it again.

I then spent 1.5 hours re-organizing baby clothes. I packed up the first box of baby clothes that I will never need again. There was one outfit that both Roman and Charlie wore, and when I packed it away there was a stab of sadness. But it’s also making room in our storage unit as I am shipping them off to a friend, so that outweighs the bittersweet! I brought back the first few toys that Charlie will be able to play with soon. I also brought home the exersaucer to clean up, but I think there’s more damage than can be fixed. 2 of the toys need to be removed (one because there’s a sharp piece from when Roman broke it, the other because there’s dark mildew (??) spots that I can’t get out). I tried to look for replacement parts, but Little Tikes doesn’t make exersaucers anymore and they no longer have parts in stock. So. We’re going to try to jerry-rig it but if it doesn’t work, we may be shopping at Babies R Us soon.

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