Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art Fair

We visited my parents this weekend, & I'm happy to report my mom is recovering well from knee surgery. Well, as she puts it, the therapist says she's doing fine. She's moving around with a cane, & does the stairs a couple times a day. Gets real tired toward the end of the day, but I think & hope our visit cheered her.

Doug and I were able to get out on Saturday sans Roman and go to the Art Fair. I really enjoy it as it's a juried art fair - meaning the craftsmanship is usually top-notch. I was hoping for jewelry that was reasonably priced but unfortunately didn't find it. Did find some metal-sculptured flowers that were hand painted that I loved; if they don't have a price, however, I probably can't afford it. We did buy from our photographer-man, Zeny. I have been collecting his photos for years & years now. He has many from Russia that are just beautiful. We bought 2 (buy one get one free postcard!), a closeup of St. Basil's, and one of Church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. We already have one of a snowy scene. The other I'd like to get is one of the people inside a church, titled "Worshippers." It's a scene we walked through many times as Dima showed us around. Looking at the picture Zeny took, I can smell the incense, feel the heat from the candles, hear the old women mumbling - I must get that picture.

Anyway, there was another artist that intrigued me this year - a young woman who makes leather-bound journals. She tans the leather, makes the paper, and then binds them herself. Very cool stuff. When I have a well-formed idea of what I would use one for, I'm going to buy one. Doug accused me of just wanting to have my own Red Book of Westmarch. Who wouldn't, really?

Roman spent a few hours with his Grandpa, going to a train expo in South Bend, IN, and then out to lunch at Dairy Queen. It was the highlight of his weekend. We also had an old friend of mine take some family photos down at the beach. She's trying to get a side business going in photography & offered to shoot us as practice. Of course! Should have some proofs in a couple weeks. And lastly, got to see my longtime friend Beth (along with Sheryl) Saturday night. Beth lives in Ireland & it's been about 18 months since I've seen her. It was great to catch up.

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