Saturday, July 05, 2008

Almost, but then came the holiday...

Doug and I had a trip-up this week. We did it completely consciously, even agreeing to it. We took one look at the cheese/cracker/sausage plate being offered at Greenfield Village, looked at each other, and agreed - forget the diet for a couple days. I'm surprised we went this long, honestly - just about 6 weeks before we gave up for a couple days. We're back on track now, but it's hard to get back "on the wagon" when you've splurged. Who could pass up that snack platter, or the line next to it: ice cream with Sanders hot fudge poured over the top? Oh, heaven. We had a picnic at a friend's house on Friday and did pretty well, though. There are cookies in the house due to Roman wanting to bake (and who would say no when a 5-year-old boy wants to bake?), and that's dangerous too. I've put them out of my line of vision, but it's still hard.

So this week is a wash, weight-wise. However, we have noticed great things happening. Like I've mentioned earlier, my pants are looser, and I went another notch into my belt. Doug finally complained yesterday - he needs a new smaller belt, he's on his last notch and it's still too loose! His 4th of July star-spangled shirt fit much, much better this year, and I'm beginning to notice a difference in him as well. I did also make it under that big round number by a half-pound; I'll have to try again now, I think. :)

We found we're having a hard time staying in our points range currently, going "over" a bit each day. That's not a problem, but we also don't want to keep dipping into our flex points, so we did something AMAZING today - joined the Rec Center. We toured it, are happy with the options, & now are going to sit down tonight and figure out a schedule for us to go work out. I have to pay to put the boys in the playroom (can you believe it?! 7.00 for both kids, a total of 2 hours though) but I'm certainly not paying that every other day. But I'm excited, want to get on those machines or in that pool!

But I must sign off... Doug just came home with Roman & new-to-Roman golf clubs (a 5-wood and a 7-iron) and a new portable DVD player. Since Ro & I broke ours.

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