Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Getting active

After some drama joining the Rec Center (they overcharged us $800!) we have it all figured out and I went to exercise for the first time today. I want to call it something different, like… “shake my flab” or something of the sort. Cuz that’s really what it is right now. I started slow, just 10 minutes on the elliptical (target: gluteus & quads) and then 10 minutes around the track. I lost count of how many times I went around, but assuming it’s a ¼-mile track, I did almost 2 miles. There are some muscles crying already. My legs were rubbery leaving the place! The boys went in the playroom and had a good time. Charlie was held and smiled a lot; Roman said he wanted to stay longer. My ever-brilliant & ever-thoughtful husband offered to pack his lunch 3x a week so I could use that money to put the kids in the playroom. Awesome.

Roman began swim lessons yesterday. He is absolutely petrified of putting his whole face in the water, and he finally confessed this morning it was because he doesn’t want his eyes to hurt. He has a fear of water in his eyes in the bathtub, too. I must’ve scarred him for life with shampoo at some point in his babyhood. He is definitely not going to be the best swimmer; he bicycle kicks and is very tense when floating on his back. It’s possible things just haven’t “clicked” yet, & maybe we don’t expose him to water enough.

I was thinking last night, though. With a biological kid, you have an idea of what they might excel at; if music, art, or athletics runs in your family, you can pretty much figure your child will excel at one of those. My SIL is a good painter; her daughter is definitely showing signs of being artistic herself. But with an adopted child, it’s a guessing game. I have no idea what Roman might excel at. So we get to try him at everything. Not that we wouldn’t with Charlie, as we also don’t know what secrets lie in my side of the family; but we can kind of guess that he will be built like a football player & if he takes after his Daddy, he will not float well in a pool! But I wonder where Roman’s talents lie. Doug wants to enroll him in a 7-week introductory course of karate (since the last class didn’t pan out), and Roman thought the girls doing gymnastics looked like fun this morning.

Of course, Roman’s biggest kick comes from making people laugh. Physical comedy, especially, is what he loves. Pratfalls, silly noises… squeezing into Charlie's Bumbo, which supposedly only goes to 14 mos. but Ro fits into it... so who knows?

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